Industry Spotlight

How Cybersecurity Delays Critical Infrastructure Modernization

Cybersecurity concerns relating to the protection of data are having a significant impact on the modernization (or lack thereof) of critical and public utility infrastructure, with many utility companies failing to adopt new tools and technology available to them. However, it is possible to integrate advanced tools in these areas ... Read More

Ban TikTok, say FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, GOP, DNC, POTUS (but not ACLU)

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. RESTRICT: The White House and both sides of the Senate agree that TikTok needs to be stopped—or at least RESTRICT’ed. A bipartisan bill seeks to make that happen ... Read More

Voice-Clone AI Scams — it’s NOT ME on the Phone, Grandma

Voice AI tech being misused by scammers: Scrotes fake your voice and call your grandparents. Then “you” beg them for money ... Read More

‘See No Evil’ — Mozilla SLAMS Google’s App Privacy Labels

Google doesn’t want you to know what your Android apps do with your data. That seems to be the conclusion from a Mozilla study into the Play Store ... Read More

‘Serious’ Ransomware Emergency in Oakland, Calif. — Legacy FAIL

Oakland is still reeling from last week’s ransomware attack. San Francisco’s poorer neighbor is asking for help ... Read More