Corporate espionage, the latent objective behind many cyberattacks

Two instances of major cyberattacks segregated in space and time are linked by a hidden objective. One targets a large pharmaceutical company in Asia and the other a large American heavy equipment manufacturer. These two cyberattacks, as per our research have a not-so-obvious connection. While on the surface, both attacks ... Read More

Hackers are running a targeted phishing campaign around the ongoing T-20 World Cup

Hackers have decided to latch on to the excitement generated by the ongoing T-20 World Cup in Australia. Over the last two weeks, Sectrio’s threat research team intercepted/came across 20 emails that were targeted at senior executives from the government, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and utility sectors. From the ... Read More

Cyber surveillance grids double up as cyberattack facilitation infrastructure

Large-scale domestic and international surveillance and activity-tracking grid operated by a large South East Asian country are also enabling its APT teams to strike deep into the digital territories of other countries. This country has invested extensively in promoting cost-effective surveillance technologies around the world using its diplomatic levers and ... Read More

Cybersecurity considerations and recommendations for securing distributed energy resources on power grids

A recent report prepared by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy highlights the cybersecurity considerations to be taken into account for distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar, storage, and other clean energy technologies ... Read More

The truth about cyberattacks on the healthcare sector in India

Cyberattacks on the healthcare sector in India are rising and there are many reasons for this. Right now, India is ranked 11th among the top 20 most targeted nations in the healthcare sector in the world. The IoT and OT global threat landscape assessment report 2022 While the sector has ... Read More

APT41’s expanding capabilities pose a significant economic threat

| | Cyber Security
Chinese hacker group APT 41 has been in the news for multiple instances of cyberattacks, espionage, cyber piracy, and cybercrimes for at least a decade now. In 2022, however, APT 41’s activities have expanded significantly to net more data and geo-political leverage for its backers. This trend does have implications ... Read More

10 takeaways from the latest OT/ICS advisory from NSA and CISA

The latest joint advisory from NSA and CISA adds to the previous joint guidance released by the two agencies in order to stop malicious ICS activity and reduce OT exposure. Also Read: Complete guide to SCADA security The latest advisory describes the various TTPs that bad actors could use to ... Read More

LockBit 3.0 code release opens Pandora’s box of new threats

| | Cyber Security
When LockBit 3.0 was launched in June, the group touted it as the most powerful encryptor ever built. The launch also led to a 17 percent rise in cyber incidents directly linked to the encryptor. The new variant brought in new features such as more payment options across cryptocurrencies, new ... Read More

Threats to air force assets too real to ignore

Imagine a scenario where hackers take control of ground-based command and control systems and connected networks to either shut down a critical system or manipulate feeds leading to wrong decisions being taken on the battlefield. Communication systems, guidance systems, and situational awareness management systems could be targeted with intrusion or ... Read More

Supply chain cybersecurity tips from NSA and CISA are timely and critical

Supply chains have become a preferential target for hackers. Government reports from the UK, USA and many other parts of the world confirm the growing attacks on supply chains impacting businesses and even government agencies. Such attacks often involve secondary or even tertiary targets that are attacked through a series ... Read More