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The Preventative, Developer-Driven Approach to Software Security

The focus on automation, tooling and reactive responses to cyber threats can no longer stand alone against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, where attackers are also employing advanced tools to successfully breach even the most protected networks and systems. What is needed is a human-led approach to software security, with ... Read more
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Future Frontiers: Why Developers Need to Go Beyond the OWASP Top 10 for Secure Coding Mastery

In 2021, we usher in a new era for the fabled OWASP Top 10. This latest release reveals some significant shake-ups, with Injection flaws finally being toppled from the top spot in favor of Broken Access Control vulnerabilities. Brand new entries like Insecure Design and Software and Data Integrity Failures ... Read more
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OWASP Top 10 API: Strategies for Smart Developers

Threats to cybersecurity these days are ubiquitous and relentless. It’s become so bad that trying to keep up with them after programs are deployed has become almost impossible. However, in this age of DevSecOps, continuous delivery, and more data paydirt than ever before, shrewd organizations are helping developers just like ... Read more
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Application Security: The Best/Worst Is Yet to Come

In the wake of recent high-profile breaches, all eyes are on application security. Yet, application security hasn’t always received the attention during the application development process it deserves. Many organizations deploy applications with known vulnerabilities to meet their deadlines, with the idea that they’ll be addressed in the next update ... Read more
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Adopting a Strategic Mindset for Cloud-Native Application Protection

With more applications being developed in a cloud-native fashion, using containers and serverless architecture, organizations should think about smarter, more efficient and more reliable ways to protect their applications. Cyberattackers are more innovative and are achieving more success in compromising cloud-native applications, so vigilance is a must for developers, security ... Read more
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Identity: The Real Key to Security

Identity and access management (IAM) has long been touted as an effective way to ensure data security by providing access only to those who have the correct permissions. In today’s increasingly distributed IT environment, more organizations look for zero-trust computing architectures that rely on more sophisticated approaches to IAM based ... Read more
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Cybersecurity Turns the COVID-19 Corner

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a defining moment for cybersecurity. Security perimeters crumbled overnight as entire workforces started working from home, and most gave little thought to the security implications. From a cybersecurity perspective, change reigned. In 2021, many cybersecurity teams are still working to adjust to a ... Read more
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Heading Off a Cloud Security Crisis

Application workloads deployed in the cloud, in theory at least, should be more secure than those deployed on-premises, because a cloud service provider has all the expertise required to secure those platforms. Organizations run into trouble, however, when responsibility for cloud security is shared between the cloud service provider and ... Read more
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AWS Security Case Study: Visibility into Containers Provides Application Context

Poka is a connected worker application built specifically for manufacturers. It brings together collaboration, training, and skills management into a single integrated platform to empower factory workers to learn continuously and solve problems autonomously. Designed from the ground-up as a cloud native application, Poka lets companies build their own proprietary ... Read more

Top Ways Your Cloud Security Approach is Burning Cash

Through our work across hundreds of clouds and tens of thousands of containers and workloads, we’ve captured the top ways organizations can save time and money by embracing a cloud-first approach to security. Download this eBook to learn: Why creating suppression rules increases your breach risk, and how to move to a ... Read more