Large Organizations, High-Security Risks: The Expanding Attack Surface in the Digital Age”

Introduction “The larger the organization, the more complex and diverse its attack surface becomes, requiring a comprehensive and proactive security strategy to mitigate the risks.” In the current digital era, businesses of all kinds must contend with an expanding variety of cyber risks. Larger organizations, on the other hand, frequently ... Read More

“Ensuring Your Mobile App’s Security: The Importance of Mobile Application Security Testing”

Introduction Mobile applications have assimilated into our daily life. We primarily rely on these apps to make daily tasks easier, from placing restaurant orders to calling a cab. Testing for mobile application security has grown essential as the use of mobile apps has increased. Mobile applications’ security flaws and vulnerabilities ... Read More

“Uncover the Hidden Flaws in Your E-commerce Business – Secure Your Future Today!”

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“Web Skimming Attacks – Digital Hacking Techniques for Payment Card”

Introduction A recent notion, Web Skimming attacks, which have been around for a while, was introduced with the rise in cyber threats. After the Magecart attack on British Attacks in 2018, they were created. In mitigation efforts, GDPR violations fines, and other payoffs related to this Magecart assault, the corporations ... Read More

“OWASP Top 10: The Most Critical Web Application Security Risks”

Introduction Web applications are becoming more and more dependent as a result of the rise in cyberattacks, which makes them desirable targets. Sensitive data is accessed by key systems through online apps, increasing their susceptibility to security vulnerabilities.  A framework for comprehending and managing web application security concerns is provided ... Read More

Top Cyber Security Companies in Delhi

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“Securing Your technology from Crypto API Bug”

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“Ensuring Secure Transactions with PCI DSS Compliance”

Introduction In today’s digital age, businesses place high importance on safeguarding sensitive data and making sure credit card transactions are secure. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) fills this role. All businesses that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information must adhere to the PCI DSS ... Read More

Top Web Application Security Testing Companies

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Penetration Testing – Protecting your assets from cyber threats.

Introduction Pen testing is seen as a proactive cybersecurity measure because it calls for ongoing, self-initiated modifications depending on the test’s results. This is distinct from nonproactive strategies, which don’t address problems as they manifest. An organization updating its firewall following a data breach is an example of a nonproactive ... Read More