What Legacy and Bundled Cybersecurity Tools Miss in Large Network Environments

The main challenge many of the cybersecurity products on the market today struggle to overcome is the difficulty of monitoring multi-cloud environments. Many are only capable of handling pieces of one environment rather than giving an enterprise visibility across all of their environments. This leaves costly gaps in their security ... Read More

MixMode Welcomes John Phillips as VP Federal Sales

MixMode, the leader in AI-driven network security, announces hiring John Phillips as VP of Federal Sales. Phillips will oversee the continued growth of MixMode’s federal business and adoption of the MixMode platform by federal partners, and he will be focused on accelerating MixMode’s triple-digit growth in 2021 and 2022 ... Read More

What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy?

The Biden-Harris administration has announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy, a blueprint for the federal government on how best to handle issues related to cybercrime, national cyber defense, and what role the private sector should play in protecting national cybersecurity in the coming years ... Read More

Four Inc. Announces Partnership with MixMode to Offer Advanced AI Cybersecurity Solutions to Government Agencies

Four Inc., a federal aggregator, has partnered with MixMode, a leading provider of next-generation Cybersecurity solutions, to provide MixMode’s Advanced Threat Detection Platform to government agencies through Four Inc.'s boutique aggregation program ... Read More

SANS First Look Report: Self-Supervised Learning Cybersecurity Platform for Threat Detection

The SANS Institute recently released an analyst First Look Report on MixMode titled, “Self-Supervised Learning Cybersecurity Platform for Threat Detection.” Matt Bromiley, Senior Security Analyst at SANS and author of the report, explores the barriers SOCs face to conquering the vast amounts of data generated by modern enterprises and the ... Read More

Top Data Breaches in 2022 and 2023 Point to Increases in Phishing and Ransomware

The hits just keep on coming in the world of headline-grabbing data breaches. Threat actors kept busy in 2022 and right on into the new year, with several notable data breaches already making news in 2023 ... Read More

Global MixMode Team Gathers in Santa Barbara for Summit 2023

This week, MixMode team members from across the country (and the globe!) gathered in Santa Barbara, CA for the first MixMode Summit of 2023 ... Read More

Webinar On-Demand: Meeting Federal Zero Trust Requirements with Third Wave Artificial Intelligence

Executive Order 14028, Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, directs decisive action to improve the Federal Government’s investigative and remediation capabilities. Specifically, it aims to galvanize public and private efforts to help identify, deter, protect against, detect, and respond to persistent and increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns ... Read More

Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks: How to Protect Your Business From the Rising Threat of Third-Party Attacks

Stay protected from the rising threat of supply chain cyber attacks and ransomware attacks. Learn how to identify and assess the risks associated with third-party vendors and suppliers, and discover practical steps for implementing security controls, incident response plans, and employee education to protect your business ... Read More

8 of the Biggest Ransomware Attacks in Recent History: A Look Back

Ransomware incidents have increased in frequency over the past several years, to the point where this method has become the weapon of choice for many bad actors, who can now launch attacks through ransomware service providers that resemble legitimate technology outfits ... Read More